Tiago Silveira

Information Technology Analyst and Researcher

I have been working at Federal University of Alfenas as a Researcher/Analyst since 2011. In my daily work I am frequently in touch with the most diverse areas of Computer Science. The fields Optimization, Operations Research, Computational Geometry and Algorithms interesting me. I am in touch with researchers and students in my activities as well. For this, I manage some development teams here, using the Scrum framework. I like to travel in my hours off. To cook is a hobby to me.

My Skill

Information Technology Skills

These are the main skills that I have used in my daily activities. Other skills can be found in my CV, or directly talking to me.

Web development with PhP


Java & MySQL


Html & Css


Subversion (I want to learn Git)


Research Skills

This field is very motivating to me. I want to acquire other skills, but unfortunately the time is very short. But, I will increase them.

Foreign languages




LaTeX, C++, Linux


Cutting & Packing




Graduate School

University of Campinas

Master's degree. My master thesis can be found here.


Undergraduate School

Federal University of Alfenas

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. My undergraduation work can be found here.


High School

João Lourenço State School

Last years in my hometown. I had a high school in a public institution, in times where we learned for free.


Middle School

João Lourenço State School

The beginning of a long journey. This public school was the basis of my story.


Elementary School

João Luiz Alves Municipal School

First years of my life and my education. Child times.


Packing & Cutting

Solutions for packing and cutting problems.

Pick up & Delivery

Solutions for pick up and delivery problems.

Fast Courses

Improvements through fast courses.

Team Management

Work with teams in a neat way.

Trip Advisor

Get an advise in your next trip.

Decision Suport System

Make your theory into practice.

Contact Me

Contact Info

There are many ways to contact me. At the "About Me" section, you can find my basic informations, beside my social medias both in the header and in the footer of this page. However, there is one last way yet, this form contact!

If you have either questions, suggestions, or just want talk to me, feel free to contact me through this form. I'm really looking forward to read your questions and comments!


2600 Jovino Fernandes Sales Ave, Alfenas, MG 37133-840, BR




tiagounifal @ gmail.com

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